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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 8, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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let us know when we will be drying out but she's also tracking a chance of snow. today is wednesday march 8th good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. lauren and meisha keeping an eye on things. that woman was really scurry ing across the street. >> she's race to go friday. we're so close. we are looking outside, ever since 4:00 o'clock hour it has been busy in the world of travel. i don't know what it is, it is dry roadways for the most part >> we do have showers working through the area, whipping wind, wind whipping out as soon as that cold front passes through your neck of the wood and wins wind kick up we will have gusty conditions today. storm scan three showing us some shower activity, light in intensity and most areas but seeing a heavier pocket of rainfall coming down right now across portions of cape may county, just about to move off shore but notice yellow, orange returns. little bit of the downpour right now across stone harbor, down into wildwood, as well,
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but that rain will start to move out over next couple hours but wind will stay with us. wind around 15 miles an her right now in philadelphia, cold front moving through millville as we speak. your wind speed up around 24 miles an hour and back side of the system temperatures taking a tumble. we were at 60 degrees, in philadelphia, now down to 52. forty's in berks county and lehigh valley and 30's in the poconos. temperatures will be consistent throughout the day-to-day for 9:00 o'clock hour, 54 degrees, sunshine will take us in the second half of the day as will gusty wind gusting to 30 to 35 miles an hour, temperatures in the 50's throughout this afternoon , and cooling trend does begin tomorrow and temperature drop off significantly by upcoming weekend dealing with arctic air and two, yes, two chances, for snow, we will talk more about that coming up in just a little bit if you want to know >> arctic air, no, i don't want to know. arctic air. i will pull out my arctic
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jacket, how about. that dig that out of the box that i pathway back in december, november. accident out here it is still out there, so 95 north off ramp to walt whitman bridge is still closed. this is time we will start to keep an eye on this as we are starting to build levels on i-95. off ramp to walt whitman bridge is still closed. but also we have an accident here with the box truck very hard to see still pulled off over to that far left 95 south near delaware state line head up, still dark out there and lauren has been talking about rain pushing in with that wind and that will slow us down, as well. frozen camera shot that you had can see what you will be working w we have an accident with the down pole in swede bureau new jersey that is still there. 322 eastbound is closed at 551 kings highway we have to use tomlin station road, it is your best bet. then we have been talking about down wires that came up, would i say 20 minutes ago. 213 bridge town pike at buck road head up, sun has not fully listen. because of that that can sneak
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up and cause some extra problems. jim, back over to you. power is slowly being restored to thousands of peco customers left in the dark after yesterday's massive fire at a substation. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live, in north philadelphia where outages are affecting schools in the area, good morning, jan. >> reporter: good morning. peco crews have been working around the clock to get power restored and they are making significant progresses specially when you consider that at the height of these outages, some 36,000 customers were left in the dark. behind me you can see slow progress is made, streetlights on and porch lights on in this specific neighborhood. number of outages is close to 5500. it has been a frustrating night for many people in a couple local schools that will remain closed to day. >> no power, nothing. i got my batteries, you know, lights i keep for emergency. >> we will be still working with backup generators to get as many possible back on and
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we expect that to happen in relatively short order. >> reporter: peco substation on the 2600 block of west west more land street in west philadelphia is now a melted pile of metal as crews worked to get the system back on line girls high and ew road middle school will be closed to day for power outages. massive fire here broke out around 2:00 o'clock tuesday afternoon and devoured the equipment. fire fighters were forced to wait three hours until power was shut off before they could start dousing the flames. >> because wires were so energized the fire continued to flash. so we will end up putting this fire out the old fashion way with water but we have to make sure that power is shut down first. >> reporter: thick, black smoke caused evacuation of the nearby apartment complex, others were told to shelter in place. thousands, who power, including portions of temple university and its hospital. businesses were also left in the dark, and streetlights went out, creating rush hour grid lock.
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some nearby homes were damaged , fortunately, no one was hurt. >> we fully understand frustration that comes when you are without electricity even for a moment. for that reason peco crews are working around the clock non- stop to get our customers restored. >> reporter: peco hopes that everyone will have their power restored by noon today, they have a great outage map on their web site. we will provide a lincoln our web site at cbs in the meantime cause of the fire is still under investigation. reporting live, this morning jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". back inside to you. and new this morning a home invasion in philadelphia 's logan section send a new born baby to the hospital. three masked men broke in the home in the 4500 block of north 18th street around 12:30 in the morning. mother says intruders pointed a gun at her and threw her eight day old baby to the ground and got away with $3,500 cash. coming up we will be live, including evidence police are
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analyzing right now. a shooting end in the car crash ine germantown section, this happened around 6:30 on the 1100 block ofe haines street. police say two shots were fired in the jeep grand cherokee hitting passenger in the head. he is in extremely critical condition. driver who control and collided with an audi in the other direction. a convicted serial rapist in media, delaware county is behind bars but authorities say dates is not yet closed. twenty year-old hugh taussig-lux pleaded guilty to raping multiple young girls. taussig-lux assaulted girls, over a 18 month period. >> we have evidence that he slipped her a date rape drug. she then became somewhat paralyzed, and... >> taussig-lux was sentenced to 13 and a half years to 27 years behind bars but authorities believe there are more victims out there. if you have any information please give media police a
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call. there are increased police patrols as authorities searched for suspect they say has attacked at lee three women at apartment complexes in new castle county. police say same suspect kidnaped women at two apartment complexness wilmington last month. man sexually assaulted woman, forced them withdraw from atm 's as well. a man tried to abduct a woman from the bluffs apartment in newark that victim ran to the neighbor's home and he is a former marine. >> the woman in my hallway came running down the hall way , knocked on my door, crying, hysterical, saying that a gentlemen held a gun and tried to rob her. >> suspect did runaway, new castle county police are asking public if you know anything about these attacks, please cat investigators. reward now stand at $74,000 for information in the vandalism of the jewish cemetery in philadelphia. this is video from last month when vandals knocked over hundreds of grave stones, mount carmel jewish cemetery on frankford avenue. northeast detectives are asking anyone with any information to come forward.
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a portion of the south florida town remains closed this morning because of a massive wild fire, this is one of the several burning across the country, and as kim hutchinson reports some of the fires have turned deadly. >> reporter: deadly wild fires burning in the midwest have consumed more than 1 million acres in colorado, oklahoma, kansas, and texas. there are so many fires both out of control and prescribed burns that they could be seen from space. in texas some 325,000 acres have been consumed in the panhandle, in oklahoma, more than 400,000 acres burned. in eastern colorado some 30,000 acres have gone up in smoke and in kansas, 400,000. the wild fires have taken several lives, and forced evacuations in the midwest. >> my family and i want to make sure we are getting out of the house. we saw how big the fire was and how fast it was coming at us. >> reporter: more evacuationness florida where fire fighters are battling a blaze that consumed 6,000 acres. parts of the i75 in collier
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county called alligator alley were closed down on tuesday. >> it is like something out of the science fiction on movie, like everybody disappeared in the time warp. >> reporter: in many areas neighbors are stepping up to help those who who everything. >> it breaks my heart for everybody involved and like i said, someone hurting this community we all heard. >> fire conditions at lee in the midwest are expected to endure for several more days. kim hutchinson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, coming up new drone video shows devastation hit by a tornado. >> we are hearing from a family inside the home when a twister touched down. >> o.j. simpson could soon be a freeman find out when he could be released from prison. meet one of the world's tallest people and he is only a teenager which means he may not be done growing, the story , up next. >> ♪
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. welcome back, incredible video of destruction left behind by powerful tornado in missouri. >> this is video shot by a drone over oak road where 500 homes and business where is
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damaged. >> this is what it looks like on the ground, residents spent the day yesterday cleaning up by gathering twisted metal and other debris, patricia says her family's dream house was gutted from the inside out, her son was actually in the second floor bedroom when tornado hit. >> when he looked up, all i can see the roof coming off, and at the same time he was in the air and he just said my god, where are we at, what is going on. >> holy cow. >> yancy is grateful that her family survived, national weather service rated tornado that hit this town a ef3 which has wind speed of 150 miles an hour. that is incredible to be outside, you know, shell of the house remains but sucked everything from the inside out through the roof. >> i have a friend reporter in kansas city and they too saw destruction. i don't think they saw any deaths there but a lot of severe weather around the country, lauren. >> incredible. if he f3 tornado a monster of
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a tornado there. best place is a basement or interior room like a bathroom, where we see things like that, remind us tornado safety procedures. things are quite it this morning. here in center city philadelphia we will look live at 15th and vine, 52 degrees. we are 10 minutes from official sunrise. wind are from the northwest now we have seen a cold front moving through over last hour in center city philadelphia, wind switched from southerly to northerly on storm scan three, showing a little bit of showers ahead of the boundary, seeing some of the heaviest, rainfall across portions of the shore, right now where we are seeing moderate pockets of the rainfall elsewhere, sprinkle activity but those wind are picking up on the back side, wind up around 24 miles an hour in millville, in the teens along i-95 corridor, wind picking up and temperatures dropping down. we're in the 40's berks county , lehigh valley, and dropped off in wilmington just a couple hours ago we were at 60.
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now at 48 on the back side of the cold front. our high temperature is deceiving, but we will be in the 50's throughout the second half of the day, turning mostly sunny, windy conditions stay with us. overnight tonight wind relax, mostly clear, colder down to 42 degrees and we have some snow chances. it is march but rain and snow mixed potentially on friday morning. modeling varying. we could see nothing, maybe at best 1 inch in and around philadelphia and center city. then another system to watch as we head into saturday night and sunday. high pressure push these weather maker off to the south this is the storm system but how far south will be depending upon if we will see snow here in the delaware valley. as we head into sunday. something to keep an eye on. stay tuned to that evolving forecast, otherwise, weekend, meisha is a cold one springing forward. high temperatures only in the 30's. >> time to bring out hats, scarves, myth events again. we dent like it but that is coming. ninety-five south cottman at s curve you can see what we are
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working there. we are looking okay. we're holding steady. northbound side as well you are heating up moving in the northbound direction, and so it is not just southbound side affected, it is northbound side, it looks like it is heating up quicker then southbound side. that will change. accident here, now, 95 north off ramp to walt whitman bridge is closed and service personnel out there, all of those flashing lights they have been out there since 4:00 . it is still out there. i'm not giving green light yet , still closed and we are talking about a box truck on i-95 south near delaware state line that is blocking the left lane. then we have been talking about this fire, to peco substation, yesterday, and because of that, fox street has been closed since then, between roberts avenue and allegheny avenue. your alternate, henry or wissohickon avenue is your best bet and we will also have another accident, swede bureau , new jersey, where we will talk about that over next 10 minutes, rahel, over to you o.j. simpson could get out of prison in a few months if a parole hearing goes his way. hearing will likely take place in july and depending on the outcome, simpson could be out
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as soon as october 1st. simpson was famously acquitted in 1995 in the slayings of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her friend, ron goldman. he is now 69 years old and currently serving nine to three three-year sentence for his role in the 2007 armed robbery. whether it is fishing e-mail or hacked computer conn artist people love using technology to ripple people off. the most risky scams are very low tech. last year iraq war veteran peter webster hired a contractor to renovate his home. he handed over a deposit of nearly $14,000 but the contractor only did little work and then disappeared, keeping the deposit. >> money that we had to finish the home and new we're kind of back to square one with nothing. >> truth, this can happen to anyone report are the emma fletcher from the better business bureau co authored new report on the most risky scams and found home improvement cons are number one. other top ripoffs include
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employment scams and fake check scams, also known as over payment scams which almost cost jordan lyle hundreds. she went on line searching for work as a nanny, single mother responded to her powe sending this picture and offering to pay $1,900 up front. >> then she said i need you to take out money and deposit it into another bank and that is where i thought this is weird. >> reporter: here's how an over payment scam works conn artist send a check for thousand dollars, asked victim to deposit, keep 200 for themselves and wire 800 back to the scammer. a few days later bank realizes the check is a fake and victim is on the hook for the full thousand bucks. >> just because the check cleared doesn't mean it is in the clear. you will be out money. >> reporter: fortunately lyle became suspicious and never sent any money very smart. better business bureau says anyone can fall victim to a scam, they found people
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between 18 and 24 are most likely to lose money as a result of the scam. well, michigan teenager is just inches from being the world's tallest man. >> wait until you see his shoes. nineteen year-old brooke brownies 7 feet 9 inches tall. he has a condition had prevents his body from knowing when to stop growing. he wears a size 30 shoe. they are hard to find and clothes that fit him they are hard to find too. >> it is hard to find him clothing. we have to go on line. once in a while we can find shirts, things like that, it is easier but for pants, it is very difficult to find pants long enough for him. >> brooke is now 7 inches short of being world's tallest man. what did i say he was 7 feet, 9 inches. >> can you imagine. >> you are pretty tall. >> i'm 6 feet you feel bad for the guy but that will affect him, cars, driving in cars,
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flying on planes. >> very special. >> well, still ahead, this morning why children in russia are not allowed to see the new beauty and beast movie. >> you have heard the phrase pretty in pink but probably doesn't look pretty talking about the color of tap water find out where people are seeing this water coming out of their faucets and why coming up. >> you like pink. >> i love pink. >> that is horrible. i'm in the drink ago this
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now a look at newspaper headlines. >> from the mercury a pickup truck that left a scene of the fatal accident in pottstown friday night has been located thanks to a tip from the public. twenty-four year-old donald parnel was struck and killed on route 100 right next to the wendy's restaurant where he was on his way to work. at this point no charges have been filed. burlington county times, proposed natural gas pipeline through northern burlington monmouth and ocean counties has cleared another regulatory
6:25 am
hurdle. new jersey department of environmental protection approved permits, utility company need to move forward. delaware county in sharon hill congregation members of the first african baptist church celebrated the 114 anniversary yesterday in more than one way. they have learned that in january, get this a mystery donor paid what was left of the church's mortgage, that is right, paid it off, a 3.1 million-dollar donation. >> wow. >> feel free to contact me if that person is out there i will give you my citizens mortgage account and we can dot same for me. >> that is awesome. >> and remains anonymous. that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. members of the philadelphia federation of teachers will be joining women worldwide today. >> group says they will demand a fair contract as they take part in the day without a woman protest, women will be walking off job and speaking up, today's event was inspired by women's march on washington more than 2 million people flooded streets of d.c. and across the country.
6:26 am
this is video from january. they say they chose date for the strike in the spirit of the international women's day. coming up fall out for peco substation fire we will tell you about school cancellations and power outage s. plus a violent home invasion overnight, trang do? >> reporter: new born baby was hurt because of it, how that baby is doing and what the robbers got away with coming up. today lawmakers are expected to begin debate on the g.o.p. plan to replace obama care, meanwhile white house is defending president trump's wiretap claims, i'm hen adan qualifications in new york with more coming up. we are looking outside, been a busy morning in the world of the travel we have more accidents, down wires, updates to the fire at peco substation and more to cover, all those updates coming up but first we will take a quick break, stay right where you
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good morning everyone i'm jim donovan. 's rahel solomon at 6:30. here's what you need to necessity today in your morning minute. >> peco has been working throughout the night restoring power to thousands of customers, still in the dark following yesterday's substation fire. they hoped to have everyone's power restored by noon. >> eight day old baby is in the hospital after a violent home invasion. >> we have some shower activity working through area, whipping wind. >> normally bearer of bad news but not today. >> good news today. >> they score. >> they rebound and they score wind, fires and scores. he scores. >> flyers scored four in a row and match their season high,
6:31 am
with six goals. >> would you like to have your haircut right now because i wouldn't get it done because you cannot walk around like this. are you ready, turn around. >> that is just crazy stuff. >> yes. >> a make up make over on the late, late show last night today might be a good day for a pony tail. >> yeah, get pony tails going, whipping wind, so, hat, not really add veid and bad umbrella weather even though we are seeing showers, traversing the area, a couple of spits in center city philadelphia but we have had a cold front moving through, we have nice wave cloud behind my , indication that our atmosphere is stabilizing on the back side of the frontal boundary but still seeing sprinkles across berks county, lehigh valley, light showers coming down across portions of the coast. we have a cold front and temperatures dropping a accordingly on the back side
6:32 am
in the 40's in allentown, 45 degrees in reading. we will start off in fail at 60 degrees. we have fallen back to 52. we are down to 48 from 60 just a few hours ago in wilmington a cross the region we are dealing with the cloud right new but sunshine will come out midday, both in philadelphia, down the cher and in the poconos, high temperatures on the mild side but we will be in the 50's as we head throughout the afternoon with gusty wind. so conditions not too shab toy hit the slopes in your ski report, jack frost big boulder , base at 12 to 40 inches, 18 trails opened, 33, or 33 trails opened in blue mountain and this weekend , meisha will be good for some skiing because it will be a cold, cold, cold, cold we will talk about that coming up. >> i love how you rubbing that in, lauren, i see that, all right. good morning everyone. happy hump day to you. what have we been talking about all morning long, accidents, accidents, accidents, basically honorary pete all morning. this is one of them. take a look at this and look
6:33 am
closely. ninety-five south at street road pulled off to the right lane, look at that car, it went all the way under the back of that truck. it must have hit so hard it lifted the truck up, and new back of the truck is sitting on the hood of that vehicle. yikes. if there is something that will get a gaper delay this is kind of thing that will do it. right now we were actually just a couple minutes ago watching this live before i started to speak and it looks like we were getting gaper delay. take a look, just cleared up. so, i'm not quite sure if they have blocked this ramp. i'm assuming they do because we sigh vehicle come around and swerve on their and slam on their breaks. that is no longer happening. aim know the sure what they are doing right here. just a head up 95 south at street road. wow, this will make a couple people, very, very unhappen think morning. also, just so you know, some of the other accidents that we have been seeing has been cleared, box trucks 95 south
6:34 am
near delaware state line that has cleared. ninety-five north at 495 that is another accident, that just came out there, block ago this left lane, overall give yourself a couple extra minutes because it is slow and a lot of accidents out there on the roadways, rahel, back over to you. and day after that major fire inside that peco substation in north philadelphia crews are still working to restore power to nearby neighborhood. as a result girls high and ew road middle school are closed, flames broke out yesterday at substation on the 2600 block of west westmoreland street and one point an estimated 36,000 customers, were without power, at this hour, that number has been cut down to 5400. overnight a brutal home invasion in philadelphia's logan section send a new born baby to the hospital. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at einstein medical center with more on what happened overnight, trang do, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim this baby was brutally attacked by one of the robbers. he is expected to be okay. he was taken to einstein to be check out, meanwhile,
6:35 am
investigators are not sure why his mother was targeted but they say these rob's period to know that the mother had thousands of dollars, inside of her home. bye take a look at video of the scene last night, officers responded to a home on the 4500 block of north 18th street in logan just before 12:30 a.m. twenty-five year-old mother told police she was sleeping on the second floor with her eight day old son, when three armed masked men busted the lock and forced their way inside. the men then ordered the woman and two, 17 year-old girls staying with her in the basement. robbers made off with $3,500.02 cell phones but not before one of the men a salted the woman's new born. >> at lee one of the perpetrators ordered her to get up point of gun. she said, i'm holding one of my babies and that is when they forced the baby on the floor by pushing the baby on to the floor, which is pretty brutal, as far as we're concerned. >> woman and those two teen girls were not hurt,
6:36 am
investigators are hoping to use those two stolen cell phones to track down those robbers. they also say that a fourth man may have been involved as a look out as surveillance camera captured four men running away from the scene. for now we are live from logan i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> jim and rahel, back to you. >> trang do, thank you. a five three-year old man is in stable condition after being shot during a robbery in oxford circle. police say he and two other men were loading exercise equipment into a home on the 6,000 block of somerdale avenue when two armed men approached them and announced a robbery. one gunman opened fire striking the victim in the leg they got away were $450 in cash. president trump meets with conservative leaders at the white house as lawmakers begin to debate a new republican created plan to overhaul obama care. now near unominous near support is needed to pass it but as hanna daniels tells us some members of the party remain skeptical. >> i think we will have a tremendous success. >> reporter: president trump continues to try to sell the
6:37 am
long awaited republican plan to repeal and replace obama care to congress, opposition is mounting among democrats worried about the cost. >> trumpcare means higher cost for less health care, plane and simple. >> reporter: conservative republicans who blasted the plan on tuesday as obama care light. >> we are united honorary peel but divided honorary placement >> new proposal does keep some popular elements of obama care in place like allowing young adults to be covered by their parents until they are 26, supporters maintain it meets party goals, by removing the individual mandate, and offering tax credits to help people with lower income buy insurance. >> we are doing a act of mercy by repealing this law. >> reporter: white house also fielded tough questions from the press yesterday over mr. trump's wiretap claims. >> i think smartest, most deliberative way to address this situation is to ask house and senate to look into this. >> reporter: as lawmakers
6:38 am
grilled the president nominee for deputy attorney general rod rosenstein about russia. >> if is there any evidence that anyone affiliated with the trump campaign communicated with the russian government what will you do. >> if there is such communication was in violation of the federal law, senator i would assure an appropriate investigation. >> reporter: if confirmed he could deciding whether to bring charges in to russian involvement in the 2016 election. hanna daniels for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". president trump surprised first wave of the tourist to come through the white house since taking office. >> the president welcomed small crowd of visitors to the e wing, take a look he even picks up 10 year-old jack from birmingham, alabama from the crowd and gave him a big hug. white house had been closed for tours since inauguration day. >> coming up why alex baldwin says his days of portraying
6:39 am
president trump on saturday night live could be number. >> cooking with confidence. >> we're making lasagna today. >> place for people with disabilities to get hand on lessons in cooking and in a place you might not expect, it is this weeks story of brotherly love. also ahead, pink water, find out where it is coming out of the faucet like that and why city officials say they are not concern, um, pat. coming up we will go one on one with one of the philly 's soccer stars union all-star keegan rosenberry is in the studio and we will tell you you why need to necessity about him and union this
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♪ well, may be pretty but not what you want to see when you turn your faucet on, pink water. >> not at all. >> that is what is flowing in the town of ottoway out side
6:43 am
of edmond ton. people flooded social media with these pictures. a broken valve at their treatment plant allowed a chemical to seep in the reservoirs. they insist there is no public health risk. >> yeah. >> would you drink that. >> no. >> in this morning's healthwatch, more american adults are not trying to lose weight. >> that is according to researchers from georgia southern university, they found that the percentage of the overweight adults trying to lose weight dropped 56 percent two deck dade ago to 49 percent currently. researchers say it is more socially acceptable to be overweight reducing motivation to lose unhealthy weight. >> that is interesting. sending it over to lauren, checking in with the weather watchers. what are you seeing. >> good morning. some of us seeing rainfall across the area, a lot of us experiencing strong wind when that cold front moves through your neck of the wood. we will when are check on current conditions right now. everyone noticing a decrease on the back side of the frontal boundary as well. temperatures ahead of the boundary still in the 50's but
6:44 am
behind the boundary down in the 40's. we will check in right now at 47 degrees by our eyewitness weather watcher eileen in gilbertsville, pennsylvania. she has cloudy conditions and wind zoomed through gilbertsville at 4:00 a.m. that is when cold front cleared your area she said ominous skies. difficult notice wave included out there but that means our atmosphere is stabilizing, right now, on the back side of the frontal boundary. we will head down into delaware where it is 47 degrees right now, at least a's house. she's reporting light rainfall in wilmington and she had said comfortable morning with rain. wind at 6 miles an hour but gusting to 18 miles an hour. gusty wind will take us through the day-to-day. we will check in one more temperature 49 degrees recorded by our weather watcher ed in chesterfield, new jersey. he is noticing sprinkles, and temperature is down 10 degrees in the last hour, pressure up and insanity work out time, good for you, ed. work out will be blustery if you want to get out there and
6:45 am
hit the pavement, doing a, and showing us weather and rainfall tapering off right now. scattered sprinkles but as we head in the next couple hours those will fade off but we have some snow chances as we head in the next couple of days. rain, snow likely, late thursday night into friday, light accumulation is possible , and then secondary system to watch on sunday. much stronger system. latest model giving us no snow in the delaware valley, latest gfs giving us significant snowfall. so that is something to watch for as we head in the weekend. first up, we have to deal with the, snowfall late thursday night into friday, some models not giving us a dusting on the i-95 corridor, others a coating. we could see a inch or two in the poconos, how it is looking for friday but upcoming weekend we are dealing with this area of high pressure, is there our storm system low down to the south but high will keep low south, but how far south will be a determining upon whether we will see snowfall in the delaware valley in the weekend but for today, meisha, not so
6:46 am
bad, shower, sunshine, and, mostly clearing and colder,. >> aren't you supposed to bribe mother nature, do something and not bring that snow in, all right, good morning. happy hump day. we will get into this. we have a lot to cover. accident i-95 south on ramp from street road take a look, you guys, it is involving injuries now, pulled off to the right. i can tell you will have some pretty significant gaper delays, here around here. why? the vehicle hit the back of the truck so hard that it lifted the truck up and went on to the hood of the vehicle causing a lot of backups, gaper delays as well. there is more. we have on the vine eastbound pennsylvania schuylkill pulled off to that right, see flashing lights, this is causing a lot of significance on the vine. then we have an accident i-95 north to the walt whitman bridge still closed service crew is still out there in that area disabled vehicle schuylkill westbound at city avenue pulled off to that
6:47 am
shoulder. that accident with the down pole in swede bureau new jersey 322 is still out there and i-95 north at 495 left lane is block, yikes, a lot going on this morning, jim and rahel, back over to you. pilot program is helping people with disabilities learn how to cook. >> in today's story of brotherly love ukee washington shows us what they are learning and what they can bring home. >> this is more than a beginning cooking class but social event for people who otherwise might not get chance and wait until you see where it is. you could call this kitchen a first addition. >> this is the culinary literacy center. we are the first kitchen, in the public library in the united states. >> we split them in half. >> reporter: twice a month 20 people gather at free library on vine street for a class called cooking with confidence lessons are specifically with people with developmental and other disabilities. >> we are making lah sonja.
6:48 am
>> how many minutes will we wait. >> seven. >> reporter: instructor shayne a marmar guide students through recipe verbally and physically and introduce them to kitchen tools. >> because of the mobility issues some folks might really take to using a sharp knife easily even if they have in the before. >> if you don't feel comfortable using this tool, do you need to use it? >> no. >> reporter: she and assistance help teach techniques to chop up the vegetables. >> egg plant, parsely. >> they helped students learn to boil noodles safely and then fun part. >> noodles. >> layering the lah sonja. >> we made a role. >> we are feeling good. >> as students work together, we are learning skills they might be able to use at home. >> they really want want to teach things that are practical, incorporate meals that can be made at home or where ever it is, that folks are cooking. >> reporter: each class cost five dollars, cost of the
6:49 am
instructor and the food but library tries to defray the cost, and the best news. >> good, good. >> reporter: every class end with sharing the meal they made and they get to go home with a lot of confidence. >> yeah, i know how to do it. >> reporter: this private program is going so well the library hopes to expand it, find out more go to cbs philly .com/brotherly. i'll see you tonight. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> sound good to me. >> i love. that see how proud they were when they saw the lasagna. 6:49. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king joins us live from new york with the preview , good morning, gayle. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. congress starts debating new health care bill this morning ahead the president, coe of planned parenthood with how bill would put fund nothing danger to that organization. plus, on the new warning that southern california, long overdue for a major earthquake baseball legend derek jeter and tim green, join with us
6:50 am
their new children's book about a kid, he is a baseball genius. i bet derek jeter knows something about that. we will see you at 7:00 on the dock. thanks. >> bye you guys. disney's upcoming film beauty and the beast is causing controversy in russia. >> russian culture ministry has rated it 16 plus meaning only those 16 and oldest can see it in theaters. far right russian law maker called the gay propaganda because of the disney's first gay character. alex baldwin announced his days impersonating the president on saturday night live may be numbered. he doesn't know how much longer people can take the act president trump is called parity based biased, sad, and unwatchable. well, philadelphia union play their home opener saturday in chester. very high hopes for the team. >> we certainly do. >> pat gallen is here with one of the teams young stars, good morning, pat. >> here to get us pumped this weekend is defender keegan
6:51 am
rosenberry. good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you doing. >> good. >> you started off the year in vancouver, nothing, nothing draw but good to be back. >> yeah, it has been a long preseason. happy to get started. >> you kick off home schedule in chester against toronto fc this saturday. so, what do you guys planning for this year what are you most looking forward to. >> i think new additions on the team are exciting and we are most excited about getting just as far in the playoffs as we did last year and certainly further. it is an exciting year. we are off to a good start you had a great rookie campaign. you played every minute your rookie year. >> except for last couple in the playoff game but every minute. >> pretty impressive stuff, you played every minute, runner up for rookie of the year in mls. that is impressive stuff. how would you sum that up. >> thank you. it was fun. i was glad to have an opportunity to play from day one and the staff, jim murray believes in young players from
6:52 am
the start. just happy to get draft todd a place where they believe in me you mentioned those new guys, going along with the young kid like yourself, who should they look forward to seeing. >> you know, think most exciting thing about our team is just the way everybody contributes. you know, to name names is tough sometimes but everybody that plays will make an impact on the game especially with the new guys. it is exciting for them. >> after doing what you did last year, can you take it to the next level. >> it can be tough but that is goal to improve year in, year out and to continue to be involved with the national team is the goal as well. >> i was going to ask you that >> january were you in camp select as one of the 32 players with the u.s. mens team. that is an awesome experience. >> it was very exciting, honored to get called in obviously and to meet guys we have been playing against all year was cool for me. ready for this? we will play a name game, name that soccer term can you handle this. >> i will try.
6:53 am
>> first soccer term, this is where people don't know, which jim and rahel you are writing this down. >> yes. >> clean sheet is what a clean sheet. >> when one team keeps other team off the skier board. >> shut out. >> sure, easy nut meg, is what a nut meg. >> when someone purposely puts the ball through a defenders legs. >> that is correct. >> yes. >> for sure. how about a set piece. >> any sort of dead ball play, free kick, maybe a throw in. >> all right, yeah, play run, sure. >> that is right. >> you know more than i do, he just has to go witt. what is a touch line. >> touch line would be a side line or inline. >> yeah, that is right. >> yeah. >> you are writing this down, guys. >> yes. >> he has answers. >> what is a break. >> when a player scores two goals. >> keegan rosenberry from the philadelphia union, we
6:54 am
appreciate it. go see them take on toronto fc this saturday. don't go anywhere we will be back did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month.
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call today. comcast business. built for business. i'm on does weathertech go to protect your vehicle? ♪ ♪ ♪ weathertech. made right, in america
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three to go. >> girls high ew road middle school are closed because of yesterday's peco substation
6:58 am
fire. schools and thousands of customers are still without power, peco says power should be restored by noon time. president trump is meeting with with conservative leaders at the white house lawmakers will debate on the republican created plan to overhaul obama care. today is international women's day, women are walking off job and demanding their rights. strike was inspired by women's march in washington. and that is three to go. >> last check of weather and traffic. >> reminder as we head in the upcoming weekend, it is daylight savings time. >> yes. >> officially sunday march 12th, we have to spring, forward so we do lose that hour of sleep but sunset time as we head into sunday evening will be at 7:04 as we get nice extra hour of sunlight at end of the day. >> very mixed feelings about that. >> thanks very much. ninety-five south on ramp from street road you can see still have activity, and a accident but gaper delays has eased tensions a little bit. we have an accident eastbound pennsylvania schuylkill head up, that is causing significant slow downs as well >> as we leave you here's a
6:59 am
hefty reward being offered for a who pet cat. >> we were talking about $20,000, for a reward. bentley is an exotic savanna cat missing for a week from his california home. he is worth about $8,000 and his owner has pulled out all of the stops. i hear thinks same cat that ben simmons has and raise the cat. but the owner has included hiring a pet detective, and a team of bloodhound but at this point still no sign of bentley >> oh. >> it is a beautiful cat. >> meisha and lauren will go chasing after the cat. rahel would say, oh, well: >> yeah, okay. >> i'm going to be searching for that thing. >> next up this morning, insuring yankees legend derek jeter. >> remember to join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 at 4:30 a.m. have a great day. >> don't leave your pets with rahel.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is march 8th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." deadly wildfires range out of control in four states. we're in oklahoma where traditional fire fighting tactics are failing. >> wikileaks exposes thousands of pages of documents that appear to disclose cia techniques, how they can hack your phones, tvs, even your cars. derek jeter will be here along with former nba star tim green.


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